A Movie that is Life

I sit by the side of the road,
and there I remain,
as the life above me breathes,
and every picture becomes a movie.
Life turns into something
that plays in front of my eyes,
and now I am part of it.
Now I am the movie.
I am the bird that wanders in the sky,
I am the jasmine showered with warmth,
I am the kid in the park,
I am the man she kissed.
My heart flutters,
and jumps right out of my chest,
and knocks at the door
of the woman that I am now.
I am the old woman
who loved and lost.
Now I watch a young couple
right in front of me,
full of life like dandelions
in the field were I used to stay
with the love of my life
who now sulks with another heart
far, far away.
I am the old woman
who has learned to live in the present.
Now I lay my eyes on two hearts
that have been taught to believe
they are a masterpiece of fate,
in a story where everything’s well-knitted
not knowing the same game they are playing.
I sit in a corner,
and watch a movie called life.
Now I am the movie.

**inspired by vanilasense’s I Sit by the Side of the Road


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